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We offer Savings with a purpose! Needing to save for College, an Auto loan or the Holiday Season? Whatever your Savings needs, we are here to help! Contact us today and protect your future! 

Statement Savings Account

Statement Savings account gives you the benefits of a savings account and the convenience of a monthly statement. Plus one big bonus! The more you save, the more interest you earn!

  • Interest paid on balances $2,500.00 and more tiered rate

Passbook Savings Account

Offers you a safe and convenient way to watch your savings grow, and the more you save, the more you earn!

  • Tiered interest rate – the higher the balance, the more you earn! 

Here is a quick glance at a few of our savings products. Contact us today to get the full list of account features!

Comparative Savings


Statement Savings

Passbook Savings

Minimum Deposit to Open



Minimum Balance

$1,000.00 $100.00

Monthly Fee When Below Minimum Balance

$12.00 $.75

Online Banking


Mobile Banking


Mobile Deposits


Mobile App For Android & IPhone


Bill Pay


Voice Banking


Earns A Tiered Interest

Yes Yes

6 Free Monthly Withdrawals*

Yes Yes

Per Item Fee for Withdrawals After 6

$5.00 $1.00

Maintenance fee **

No Fee No Fee

* Transaction Limitations:  Federal regulations and our deposit agreement limit you to six withdrawals and/or transfers from your Statement Savings account by telephone or PC transfer, pre-authorized transfer, during any calendar month or statement cycle of at least four weeks. Continued excess transactions will cause us to convert your account to non-interest-bearing checking.

** Maintenance fee can be waived by signing up for e-statements or maintaining a $10,000.00 deposit balance!!! 

Individual Retirement Accounts – IRA’s

We can help you establish an Individual Retirement Account today.  Programs we support include:

Traditional IRA

This account provides persons under age 70 1/2 with tax deductible contributions and tax-deferred earnings, subject to IRS-defined limitations. 

Roth IRA

The Roth IRA is not tax deductible.  This account features tax-free withdrawals for qualified distribution reasons after a five-year holding period.  Contributions can be withdrawn penalty-free at any time.   

Contact Customer Service to discuss the alternatives above.  We will explain the nature of the accounts in more detail and will help you complete the simple forms necessary to establish your IRA.

Certificates of Deposit

We offer a variety of Certificates of Deposit to meet your individual needs. With terms from 28 days to 5 years, we can accommodate the maturity date you need. Interest compounds daily and can be credited back into the CD or directly deposited to your checking or savings account. It's your choice!

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